public art

Art is the medium through which I embrace and cope with the complexity of life.

By altering and concentrating the experience of space and substance, I attempt
to see more intensely, coalesce moments of clarity, and discover new means of communication.

I work with a variety of materials to create environments and objects that engage the viewer in this exploration process.
The context in which I am working mediates the physical quality, emotional response, and significance of each piece.

I am currently exploring the intersection of two different (and previously separate) expressive practices of mine:
the creation of dematerialized spaces and the creation of visceral substance.

Concentrations of substance and meaning are embedded within ephemeral illusive fields
animated by interacting layers of perforated metal and the viewer's shifting perspective.

This juxtaposition has an existential complexity that resonates with my impetus to capture fleeting insights from the flux of life.